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Timeline1 GeorgeIn 1951, George T. Wilkinson started his own heating company, determined to focus on the needs of his customers. As he recalled in the beginning, “I worked seven days a week, sixteen hours a day, and for the first eight years, I didn’t take a vacation.” As time passed, the company grew, and George’s belief in outstanding customer service continued to attract more and more customers.

Taking great pride as a family-run company, George passed the reins to his son, Geoff. Under Geoff’s stewardship, the company greatly increased in size and scope, setting the course to becoming a leading name in the industry today. Like his father, Geoff insisted that quality customer service remain an absolute priority, and he worked tirelessly to maintain high standards in every aspect of the business. As the industry progressed, Geoff realized that the rental of mobile boilers was a growing need, and in 1988 Timeline3-1he started Wilkinson Mobile Boilers to fill this demand for current and future customers. Always looking ahead to the latest advancements and technologies, Geoff was also the first person to install a linkageless combustion control system in the United States; a risk that has paid great dividends to many customers.

Today, the third generation of the Wilkinson family is at the helm, as Geoffrey C. Wilkinson, Jr. continues the proud tradition of his father and grandfather. Geoff Jr. oversees a growing operation, providing a diverse list of customers with an optimum level of expertise and service to keep a business or an organization up and running. With three generation of personal pride and integrity, George T. Wilkinson, Inc. remains a respected name in the New England heating industry with a fully staffed office and a fleet of trucks and vans. But it has not strayed from its roots. The company still retains some of its original customers that were served by George Wilkinson when he started the company. In the words of George, who passed away in 2014, “We’ve kept our base. We develop a repeat business by doing a little bit extra. The more satisfied customers we have, the more we gain.”


Geoff Jr., George, Geoff Sr.


George T. Wilkinson, Inc. understands that our most valuable asset is our people.  Nothing is more important than their safety and well-being.  Our co-workers and families rely on our commitment to safety. We have established programs and guidelines to implement project safety and provide a safe workplace for all employees.  We continually look for ways to improve our environmental, health and safety performance.

We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and sub-contractors first and foremost. Working together, we can enjoy a safe and stress-free workplace.



Geoffrey C. Wilkinson

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff currently serves as CEO to both George T. Wilkinson, Inc. and Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc. In his position he directs and manages all phases of the firms, from design-build contracting to contract engineering services. Geoff served in the Naval Reserve Commission and United States Coast Guard. For five years he also served as a second assistant engineer for Mobil Oil Corporation, where he sailed on oil tankers and managed boiler room operations. He earned a degree in marine and electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. Geoff also attended Metropolitan College and Wentworth Institute Mechanical Engineering.

Ext. 225   •   gwilkinson@gtwilkinson.com


Geoffrey C. Wilkinson, Jr.


Geoff Jr. became involved in the organization at the early age of fifteen, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Prior to his current position, he worked as a book-keeper and service technician, where he became familiar with the company’s daily operations, finances and technical background. Geoff holds a Burner Technician License and Journeyman Pipefitter License. He received a bachelor’s degree in business from Northeastern University.

Ext. 240  •  gwilkinsonjr@gtwilkinson.com

Rich Moynihan

Richard Moynihan

Chief Financial Officer

Rich joined The Wilkinson Companies in April 2023. He is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of accounting and finance experience in the construction industry. Rich graduated from Babson College with a BS in Accounting.

Ext. 228  •  rmoynihan@gtwilkinson.com


Alan C. Bishop

Vice President, Sales

Al began his career in the mechanical design/contracting business in 1986, moving to the Wilkinson team in 1990. While with Wilkinson, he has been instrumental in maintaining the Wilkinson Companies lead in burner sales, then transitioning to the advanced linkagless technologies. Throughout that time he has developed and maintained a close relationship with the local utilities and partnered with them for many successful projects that have saved customers a tremendous amount of fuel and reduced their carbon footprints.

Ext. 231  •  abishop@gtwilkinson.com


John Sieminski

Vice President, Service Operations

John’s in-depth knowledge of many steam, hydronic and controls operating systems has helped him rise in rank since joining the Wilkinson team in 1986. John holds an Oil Burner Technician License and a Journeyman Pipefitter License. John graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Ext. 230  •  jsieminski@gtwilkinson.com


Mike Snee

Installation Project Manager

In January 2017, Mike, a former Wilkinson employee and installation technician, returned to the company as Installation Project Manager. His focus is to confirm that the Installation team is equipped with what they need to perform their installations with minimal interruption. He also works with the office ensuring jobs are on budget, as well as ensuring purchasing and deliveries are in line with project deadlines.

Ext. 232  •  msnee@gtwilkinson.com

Dave R

Dave Roche

General Manager, Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc.

Dave became a member of the Wilkinson team in 1986 working as a service technician. He holds an Oil Burner Technician License and Journeyman Pipefitter License. In 2017, Dave became the first General Manager of Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc. Since Wilkinson’s acquisition of Acme Boiler Rentals in December 2014, Wilkinson Mobile Boilers has continued to grow. Dave continues to develop the mobile boiler business and makes sure the equipment is safe and reliable. He graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Ext. 246  •  droche@gtwilkinson.com


David Casoli

Purchasing Manager

David joined the Wilkinson team in 1997. He is known for his attention to detail and exceptional record-keeping and has developed a successful and organized inventory system. An extended background in purchasing ensures his success at Wilkinson. David has more than 25 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry, including his time spent working for a previous family-owned business. He has attended numerous technical courses, classes and seminars.

Ext. 221  •  dcasoli@gtwilkinson.com

Doug Bleicken

Doug Bleicken

Construction Division Manager

Doug has 30 years of experience in the commercial plumbing and heating industry. His focus at Wilkinson is to manage and develop the Construction Division, from growing the commercial plumbing staff, to overseeing plumbing operations, estimating and project management. Doug holds his Master Plumber License, Journey Plumber License, Journeyman Pipefitter License, Medical Gas Certification, as well as a Management Certificate from Curry College.

Ext. 247  • dbleicken@gtwilkinson.com

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We pride ourselves on being a family-run organization that does its best to put our associate's families, health/safety and goals at the forefront. We aim to provide our associates with a career instead of just a job.

Associates at The Wilkinson Companies have a say, and the leadership team is always willing to listen and respond. Our Core Values are the foundation of our company and demonstrate the deep level of care for the company's future and its legacy.

The Wilkinson Companies' values include:

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