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Company Profile

George T. Wilkinson Inc. was founded more than 60 years ago by George T. Wilkinson himself. In 1951, Wilkinson left his job as president of a Boston heating company to establish his own business. He envisioned a company based on customer value, and set out to redefine customer service.

Geoffrey C. Wilkinson, CEO

The company started off small. As he had no initial client prospects, Wilkinson worked any job having to do with heating. His first job was for a former classmate of his. “I worked seven days a week, 16 hours a day, minimum, for the first eight years. I didn’t take a vacation for 10 years,” says Wilkinson.

His philosophy: “Never consider the hours, just keep moving. Burn yourself out!” As time passed, his philosophy paid off. The company was growing, fast.

Priding themselves on being a family-run company, George Wilkinson’s son, Geoff eventually took over the company. The third generation of Wilkinson’s became involved in the company in 2000, when Geoffrey C. Wilkinson, Jr., joined the Wilkinson team.

Today, George T. Wilkinson, Inc. is a respected name in the New England heating industry with a fully staffed office and a fleet of trucks and vans. But it has not strayed from its roots.

“I still have customers that I had when I started – some of the real estate firms in Boston,” said George Wilkinson, 81, now chairman of the board and semi-retired. “We’ve kept our base. We develop a repeat business by doing a little bit extra. The more satisfied customers we have, the more we gain.”

George T. Wilkinson, Inc. provides its customers with three generations of experience in the HVAC industry.